The W8DIG P-25 Repeater

The W8DIG P-25 Repeater utilizes a Motorola Quantar UHF Repeater. The repeater is configured in CAI mode which allows it to operate as a conventional FM Repeater as well as in P-25 Digital mode. This makes the repeater truly versatile.

Several of the 900 Repeaters are also P-25 Capable

Frequencies and other parameters

Frequency: 443.650

PL Tone: 179.9

NAC: 293

The W8RW P-25 Repeater

The W8RW P-25 Repeater operates in P-25 Digital mode.

Frequency: 444.400

NAC: 293

Capital City Repeater Association - K8DRE

The K8DRE Repeater operates in Analog or P-25 Digital mode.

Frequency: 147.240

PL Tone: 179.9

NAC: 293